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Video: Revolutionize Your Credibility! The Proven Impact of Testimonials

The Power of Testimonials

Online testimonials and reviews have become such an important part of a company’s credibility! Testimonials provide non-biased re-affirmation of your products and services and are incredibly powerful to your marketing and reputation.

Testimonials come in many forms and are not all created equal. With the unprecedented power and sincerity that is conveyed in video communications now, your customers’ testimonials are elevated to the next level of effectiveness.


If this video was of value to you or you want to share your testimonial about the impact of reviews and testimonials to you or your business please comment. We love hearing from out followers! Thanks for watching!

Here are some example styles of video testimonials:
Realtor Customer Testimonial Compilation
VOA Association Members Benefits Compilation (Member Benefits Tab)
Client Spotlight Hybrid Graphics/Interview
Behavioral Health Success Stories Hybrid Graphics/Interview
CRT Owners Satisfaction Interviews



6 Responses to “Video: Revolutionize Your Credibility! The Proven Impact of Testimonials”
  1. I love the idea to have a lunch and invite multiple customers to video record testimonials. Once a company gets recorded testimonials, how do you recommend that they share it?

    • Glad you liked the idea, Blair!

      In regards to your question about sharing the testimonials… My recommendation would be to first and foremost get them edited down so all of the best content is within the first 30 seconds if possible. Once the videos are in a compact and potent length without any unnecessary off topic content included, start building a video library. The next step is where a bit of expertise and strategy comes in as you plan out a release schedule of content.

      Let me give you one specific example: You may be able to create a dedicated, topic specific landing page or social media post for a product or service that you offer and use the testimonial segment as supporting content to what you are talking about to add a “real world experience from a client” to help market, sell, or convert. By doing this, it helps to reduce the “breathing your own exhaust” factor when you talk about your products or services.

      Another posting/sharing tip: If you have control of your website, I highly encourage you to create a “Videos” or “Testimonials” section where these can be posted/archived as they are recorded and released.

      There are plenty of ways to leverage customer testimonials and we are experienced at identifying specific uses to help meet your communication and marketing goals. We encourage you to give us a call with some more details and we’ll help you figure the best ways use the videos you gather!

  2. Good video. Testimonials are absolutely where things are headed. Last years National Association of Realtors report showed that 42% of millennials found their agent via referral or personal testimonial. We’re using video to make deeper connections with a broader audience. Mediavolution did a short introduction video for us as well as a Home Seller Tip series.
    Check out my YouTube channel!

    • Thank You Tim! That is an interesting stat and really showing the trends in how consumers look for information online, especially millennials. Appreciate the sharing of your YouTube channel to the tips videos that we produced. You may have teed up next video topic… 🙂

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