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In today’s business world, the connection between you and your customers is a two-way street. Engage them with visual communication that’s tailored specifically for them. And maybe throw in some lasers and explosions, because lasers and explosions are awesome.

Your Brand Is The End-User Experience

Mediavolution helps you to ensure no gap between what you want them to hear, and what they do hear. Our experts assist you in choosing the right delivery vehicle for the destination – so your message hits its target. Pinpoint. Every time. With lasers. Did I mention lasers are awesome?



Videography and Producer Services

It all starts with your brand. Before we even turn on a camera, we sit down with you to discuss your brand and your objectives. We’ll provide you with milestones, storyboards, and everything you need to make your vision a reality. Mediavolution will handle all the shoot-related logistics including talent wrangling, location, and on-site support.

Mediavolution brings broadcast-quality production gear to your project. From camera and lights to sound and green-screen, we go where you need us with fully mobile production capability.


Post-Production, Animation and Motion Graphics

30 seconds. That’s how long you have to grab and keep your viewer’s attention. Mediavolution helps you command attention with compelling visuals and best-in-class animation and motion graphics. Enhance your video with a brand wrap, lower thirds, and animated infographics.


Event Services and Live Streaming

In today’s world, your audience extends far beyond the people in the room; with Mediavolution, your viewership extends to the entire planet. We’ll produce a multi-source, broadcast-quality live stream that will engage your audience and make your message seen.

Mediavolution puts Hollywood-level production values in your reach. We offer on-site video production and post-production for any kind of event, from award ceremony-style title cards and splash screens, to interview segments and quick-turnaround green-screen shoots.

For JDSU’s annual Global Sales conference, Mediavolution provided on-site, rapid-turnaround videography and editing services. Chris and Bryan created award show-style title cards for award recipients, and shot and edited a short music video with JDSU’s division mascot.


Strategic Delivery

You’ve got your shiny new video…so now what? At Mediavolution, every conversation starts and ends with your goals. Because reaching your audience isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, we work with you to tailor customized delivery solutions where traditional approaches aren’t enough. Our in-house tracking and analytics suite will tell you exactly how and where your video is being viewed. We’ll assist you with search engine optimization and social media campaigns to bring those hits flooding in.

Case Study: Sterling Foundation
Sterling Foundation Management, a nonprofit dedicated to assisting in the creation of charitable foundations, engaged us to reach out to their donor base for their annual holiday drive. After ascertaining that their donor base demographic was largely wealthy older, less tech-savvy couples, we developed a video greeting card solution – a mailer with an embedded 4-inch screen that would play a personalized greeting video when opened.

Case Study: TLC Laser Eye Centers
To promote Dr. Andrew Holzman’s LASIK practice, Mediavolution produced a video FAQ answering the top 10 questions patients have about the procedure. To reach patients effectively, we developed a custom app for tablets, which could be offered to patients in the waiting room, replacing traditional magazines.


Social Media Campaigns

Technology allows us to connect with our customers on a one-on-one basis never before possible, but the rapidly changing landscape can be daunting. Mediavolution will help you to ascertain which social media presences are right for you and your followers, and soon you’ll be Instafacetweeting with the best of them!


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