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Video: Debunking Live Streaming Myths

Live streaming has come a long way over the past handful of years. In 90 seconds I will debunk some of the most frequently expressed concerns when discussing potential benefits of capturing and live streaming their events with clients.


  • Will Live Streaming Reduce Onsite Attendance?
  • Will Customers/Members/Remote Viewers Watch Our Multi-Day Event?
  • Are They Willing to Pay to Watch our Event?

BONUS: 3 Ways Your Content Can be a Moneymaker!

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Click here to see some event coverage and live stream examples



More on Mediavolution’s Live Streaming and Event Coverage Services:

In today’s world, your audience extends far beyond the people in the room; with Mediavolution, your viewership extends to the entire planet. We’ll produce a multi-source, broadcast-quality live stream that will engage your audience and make your message seen.

Make Your Event a Media-Rich One
Mediavolution puts Hollywood-level production values in your reach. We offer on-site video production and post-production for any kind of event, from award ceremony-style title cards and splash screens, to interview segments and quick-turnaround green-screen shoots.



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In 2005, Chris Paolucci launched his first business in New York before relocating operations to the Northern Virginia/ Washington DC Metro Area. Chris has provided a broad array of services across diverse industries including Non-Profits, Education, Medical, and Technology. Included in the clients that have benefitted from Chris’s work are Pearson Education Inc., TLC Laser Eye Centers, Network Solutions, Neustar, Inc., and many more local and national entities. When not building relations with clients, Chris enjoys hiking with his wife, son and dog, bass fishing, rock climbing, hot yoga and snowboarding.