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Do you shoot video on your phone? Watch this video for some tips!

Are you thinking of shooting video with your phone? Initializing.. With the power to shoot HD video in almost everyone’s pocket these days, it is helpful to know some fundamentals of video production in order to maximize the effectiveness of your videos. In this digital age of ubiquitous, democratized content, you need to stand above […]

Video: Debunking Live Streaming Myths

Live streaming has come a long way over the past handful of years. In 90 seconds I will debunk some of the most frequently expressed concerns when discussing potential benefits of capturing and live streaming their events with clients. Initializing.. Will Live Streaming Reduce Onsite Attendance? Will Customers/Members/Remote Viewers Watch Our Multi-Day Event? Are They […]

Video: Revolutionize Your Credibility! The Proven Impact of Testimonials

The Power of Testimonials

Online testimonials and reviews have become such an important part of a company’s credibility! Testimonials provide non-biased re-affirmation of your products and services and are incredibly powerful to your marketing and reputation. Testimonials come in many forms and are not all created equal. With the unprecedented power and sincerity that is conveyed in video communications […]

Video: Content is King! Presenting Tips for Effective Content at Mvix’s Digital Signage Workshop

Last week, Mvix, a leader in turnkey digital signage solutions, hosted a digital signage workshop for System Integrators within the DC area located at their Sterling, VA headquarters. The turnout was fantastic! There was great networking, tips on profitable digital signage projects and a real-time demo of Mvix’s enterprise-grade digital signage platform. Mike Kilian, Director of […]

The Brand Experience

Nine times out of ten they will contain only trite aphorisms, but occasionally a fortune cookie will eerily hit the nail on the head, as with the one I found accompanying my shrimp lo mein recently. As I read it, I was reminded of one of our first brand strategy sessions with Conrod Associates a […]