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The World Communicates Visually

Once the exclusive domain of TV networks and deep-pocketed corporations, video messaging has become not only ubiquitous, but mandatory. Mediavolution Visual Strategies goes above and beyond your traditional production house; our job doesn’t end when we drop a video on your doorstep.

Strategy is King

Mediavolution has one goal: to put the right eyes on your brand. We sit down with you to discuss your brand objectives and forge delivery strategies customized for your audience’s demographics.



Bryan Arminio

Co-Founder and Creative Director
Bryan brings over a decade of media production experience and creativity to Mediavolution. Leaving his full-time job in 2006 to go freelance, he has since produced for a broad range of clients across diverse industries including the Washington Redskins, the Smithsonian Institution, and many international medical societies such as the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the American College of Cardiology. When not hunched over his computer in a darkened editing room like Gollum, he participates in a competitive karaoke league, where he crushes it.


Chris Paolucci

Co-Founder and Director of Strategy
Chris has worked in the video marketing and production industry for over 10 years. His primary goal has always been to revolutionize visual communications for his clients and tell their story with paramount quality and impact. Chris has been working in all sectors of the production life cycle including pre-production, producing, directing, video, audio, lighting, editing, motion graphics, along with live webcasting, AV setup and testing, in a nutshell, all aspects of field and studio production. Chris has always had a passion for creating rich multimedia and video products delivered in multiple formats in order to accomplish client’s communication goals no matter what challenges lye ahead! When not creating masterpieces, Chris loves spending quality time with his family. He can also be found rock climbing, bass fishing, snowboarding, or practicing Yoga and always working to improve his spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well being!



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